Vendor Directions for Chalk Fest and Holiday Arts and Crafts Shows

VERY IMPORTANT!!!  Driving directions to enter the show are by space number.

Direction of travel on Main St will be westbound from the Spa (Philippe Parkway) towards the railroad tracks (9th Ave). Vendors are asked to approach Main St at the nearest intersection to their space.

  • From McMullen Booth Rd (CR 611), proceed east onto Dr. ML King St N (which is also 4th St N).
  • Cross the railroad tracks.

vendors with space numbers 100 – 140, turn right on Philippe Pkwy

vendors with space numbers 200 – 241, turn right on 2nd Ave

vendors with space numbers 300 – 341, turn right on 3rd Ave

vendors with space numbers  400 – 445, turn right on 4th Ave

vendors with space numbers 500 – 541, turn right on 5th Ave

vendors with space numbers  600 – 637, turn right on 6th Ave

  • All traffic proceed to Main Street.
  • Turn right on Main St.
  • Locate your space on that block. Numbers start at 0 and go up as you head west. (Even numbers on the left. Odd numbers on the right).
  • Park on the south (left side of the road). UNLOAD your vehicle, then park your vehicle so other vendors may unload.
  • Exit Main ST at the next intersection.
  • Locate parking.
  • Return to setup your booth.