The Kiwanis Club of Safety Harbor and the Mattie Williams Neighborhood Family Center have partnered again to present the 5th annual Bands On The Bay, a music festival at Safety Harbor’s Waterfront Park featuring craft beers, food trucks, and four bands (Jeff Vitolo & The Quarter Mile Rebels, The New Rulers, Shevonne and The Force, and The Black Honkeys). Net proceeds will be split between the two nonprofits to fund programs benefiting children.


  1. Complete the online Registration form for the Arts and Crafts Show
  2. Prior participation does not guarantee a space
  3. Each show requires a separate application
  4. Send photos via email (AC Show) or (Upload) or include your website
    • One photo of your art/craft
    • One photo of you making the items
    • One photo of your display setup
  5. You may be asked to resubmit photos, regardless of participation in past shows.
  6. You will be directed to an online payment screen after your application is approved.If not paid online, checks and money orders must be made payable/sent to:
        • Kiwanis Club of Safety Harbor Foundation, Inc.
        • P.O. Box 312
        • Safety Harbor, Fl 34695
      • All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. Registration is not assured until payment is made.
  7. If you are not accepted for the show, your payment will be returned


  1. A single space is at least 10’ by 10’. Double booths are available but limited
  2. Spaces are filled by request and category.
  3. Placement is on a “first come, first served” basis.
  4. The club reserves the right of refusal to any vendor or item.
  5. Space assignment is at committee discretion.
  6. You must provide your own tent and set-up hardware.
  7. There is limited electricity. We must be advised pre-show if you need electricity.
  8. No generators without approval of the Committee.
  9. The set-up is on an unpaved surface and may be uneven. Be prepared.
  10. Booths may back to sidewalks, and must be kept clear for pedestrian traffic.


    There may be 50 exhibitors not counting Food Trucks.


  1. The Marina and Park area will be patrolled by Sheriff’s deputies and volunteer security
  2. Set-up is supervised, begins at 11 AM, Saturday and must be complete by 2:00 PM
  3. Drive into Waterfront Park from Veterans Memorial Lane off S. Bayshore, SafetyHarbor
  4. No Friday set-up
  5. The music concert concludes at 10 PM. No cars will be permitted into the venue until 10:30 PM. or when cleared by the Sheriff’s deputies
  6. You must be packed up prior to bringing your car inside


  1. Parking in the downtown area can be a challenge
  2. Please obey ‘No Parking’ street signs and posted No Parking in private lots
  3. City lot is located at 800 Main St


    We advertise in show magazines, Facebook, city publications, local newspapers, online, fliers, etc.


  1. Each exhibitor is responsible for collecting Florida Sales Tax and reporting to the FLDepartment of Revenue
  2. Out of state vendors must adhere to their individual state laws
  3. No city sales tax


  1. Information is located at Ticket/Check In
  2. In case of medical emergencies, please call 911


  1. Please, no alcohol
  2. Pets are NOT allowed at the event
  3. You will be liable for any disruption, damage or injury caused by an animal


What time is set up?

A. 6:00 am to 9:00 am.

What time is take down?

A. 4:00 pm.

Will I be on Main Street?

A. All spaces are on Main Street


The Arts & Crafts Shows have initiated an online registration option as well as the traditional paper registration option. What should I do?

A. We have launched online registration to save your valuable time and to make registration easier and more efficient.

Can I pay by check?

A. Yes, but we prefer vendors register and pay online. Offline registration will be more expensive.

If I send a check, where do I send my check and how do I make it out?

A. Checks are made payable:

Kiwanis Club of Safety Harbor Foundation, Inc.
P.O.Box 312
Safety Harbor, Fl 34695

What if I am not accepted into the show?

A. You will receive an email answer within 5 days regarding your acceptance status.

Can I bring cash the day of the show?

A. No, the fees are due when you are accepted.

What is the deadline for applying?

A. The deadline for applying online is December 2, 2019.

Can I register now for the A&C show after this one?

A. No. The application for the next Arts and Crafts will be online after this show.

How do I upload my photographs?

A. Send photos via email (to or include your website.

  1. One photo of your art/craft,
  2. one photo of you making the items,
  3. and one photo of your display setup.


Is there security?

A. Two Pinellas County Sheriffs will be onsite from 6:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Is electricity available?

A. Electricity is limited and only 20 amp service is available. A fee of $10 will provide this yet you must request it in the application.

Where do I park?

A. You can park on any side street, 2nd St through 8th St N or S, and on Avenues not noted by No Parking signage. Avenues allow only one side parking due to emergency vehicle access. City parking lot available at 801 Main.


The vendor space assignments will be emailed to you . Be sure to check your Spam filter setting for this email.

How do I find my space?

A. When the assignments are posted, directions to the spaces will be included. Also, there is a block captain for each block to help you find your space.

Can I request a specific space?

A. Yes. Some spaces are reserved for downtown merchants.

Can I have a corner?

A. Yes, if a corner is available. Corners are reserved on a first come/first served basis. A corner is an additional $25 fee. Corner spaces are limited by the number of blocks in the show.

Do you have larger booth spaces?

A. No. However, Food Menu spaces are usually intersections and thus larger.

Can I get a double space?

A. Yes; the cost is for two spaces.

How can I get this same spot next show?

A. Requests can be made yet each show will have separate space allotments. We work with city and merchants first and then place artists.

Can we share a booth?

A. Not as a rule, but the committee in a few cases has considered case by case.

Do we take resales?

A. We do our best to avoid resale merchandise.